Why Focus on Cyber Security & Resiliency?

Today's world is unprecedented. Practically any organization of any size holds data that attackers want. Client, employee, citizen, and military data are all targets.


Once an attacker succeeds, they use that data to commit fraud or steal intellectual property. With the introduction of anonymous payment methods such as bitcoin, attackers can also hold your data for ransom.

In order for your organization to be trusted by the public, you need to protect their data before, during, and after a cyber attack. 

Why Focus on Cyber Security & Resiliency

Why Choose 

Snowy River International?

Why Choose Snowy River International?

Snowy River International is a Global Cyber Security and Cyber Resiliency company redefining how organizations think about cyber security and cyber resiliency (security precedes resiliency).  


Cyber Resiliency is an action plan to identify and protect from cyber threats and more importantly, recover quickly from cyber-attacks, while simultaneously mitigating technological, human, and economic damage to your  organization.


We recognize that cyber security and resiliency must balance the difficult trade-offs among investing in expensive technology, plugging gaps created by employees, and the economic costs.

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